Viral Vine Video Shows Racial Profiling At Convenience Store (Video)


In a Vine video that recently went viral, a teenager known as Rashid Polo films himself being followed by a store clerk through a convenience store, which he attributed to racial profiling.

The focus of each clip is of the same staff member of a convenience store, who casually shuffles around behind Polo. In one shot, she flips hot dogs; in another, she rearranges candy bars.

She appears to simply be busying herself until Polo films a shot of himself explaining that the woman has been following him throughout the store, when the woman appears behind him again.

“She’s been following me around the store the whole time,” Polo says. “There she goes! She think I’m stealing!”

Although it’s difficult to say whether or not the clerk followed Polo simply because of his race, the video has inspired a heated debate among commenters.

Some viewers have called the video a show of “institutional racism at its finest” or representative of the stereotype that many teenagers supposedly steal.

Similar “#SheThinkImStealing” videos, which altogether have been viewed more than 15 million times, can be viewed on Polo’s Vine profile.

Sources: Metro, The Independent


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