Footage Shows Mysterious Flying Object Attacking Taliban Base (VIDEO)

A viral video claims that an unidentified flying object attacked and destroyed a Taliban camp in Afghanistan.

It was posted to YouTube on May 5 and was allegedly filmed by US Marines in the city of Asadabad in March 2014, according to Mirror.co.uk.

The one-minute-35-second footage, entitled “UFO ATTACKS TALIBAN CAMP!!!” shows a large, gray triangular-shaped craft hovering in the sky before firing repeatedly at a compound that then explodes below it.

One of the Marines can be heard in the background saying: “What the f**k was that?” as the huge cloud of smoke clears. The person behind the camera then zooms in, giving viewers a close-up of the flying object.

YouTube users were quick to comment on the film, which has garnered over 500,000 views since it was uploaded.

Some social media users claimed that the craft was a drone, but others insist it is fake.

Wafflesatnoon.com has debunked the supposed UFO attack, writing that it is an edited video in which the hovering craft was added later.

The original video, which appears to show a “US fighter jet” obliterating a “car bomb factory” in Iraq, was posted in 2007. The video, reposted in March, was flipped horizontally and the UFO was added.

Watch the UFO video below:


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