'Whoever Has A Problem, Come See Me': Father Disciplines Son For Trying To Join A Gang (Video)


A video posted to Facebook by Emmanuel Matos has received over 2 million views and over 44,000 likes in the past two days. The video shows a father disciplining his son over wanting to join a gang.

The man, who some Facebook users are calling the ‘Father of the Year,’ begins the video by addressing the gang members who recruited his son. He makes it abundantly clear that they failed and that his son will not be joining their gang. Then the dad orders his son to show the gang sign to the camera.

The boy does not do as told, and his father slaps him across the face. 

At the end of the video, the father restates to the viewer that his son will not be in a gang and that he will instead spend his time focusing on basketball and school.

"My son will not be in a gang," he said. "Whoever has a problem, come see me."

Sources: Mad World NewsInquisitr / Photo Source: World Star HipHop


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