Viral Video: Cop Uses Excessive Force on New Hampshire Student?

A police officer in New Hampshire is under investigation after being caught on video possibly using excessive force while arresting a student in a high school cafeteria.

On Monday Officer Darren Murphy arrested 17-year-old Frank Harrington inside West High School in Manchester for allegedly stealing a purse. The video appears to show Murphy lifting Harrington out of his seat and slamming him down on a table.

Another student taped the entire incident on his phone. The video was widely distributed by an anti-law enforcement website called CopBlock.org.

Harrington said on the video that the purse he "stole" belonged to his sister.

"I took my sister's purse, I was messing around. She said she didn't want it back, I was going to give it back after lunch. The teachers involved themselves, said I stole it. She said it's no big deal, I'll get it back later."

That's when Murphy jumped into action.

The student who taped it claims school officials demanded that he erase the footage, but Michael Proulx said he was able to preserve it.

Here is the video followed by a report from a local Boston station:


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