Cop Helps Elderly Man Cross Street (Photo)

Cop Helps Elderly Man Cross Street (Photo) Promo Image

A photo of a South Carolina police officer helping an elderly man across the street has gone viral.

The image, below, which was posted to Facebook by Garrod Collins on June 28, shows the officer carrying a number of bags as he helps the man, who is using a cane, WGHP reports.

"Just saw this N. Charleston police officer pull over, get out of his car and help this elderly man walk to the bus stop while carrying his bags for him," wrote Collins, adding the hashtag #careabouteachother. "Just thought I’d throw this out there!"

Collins said that he shared the image, which has racked up over 12,000 shares and 6,800 comments on the social networking service, to fight the negative image of police in recent years.

"I just wanted people to see that we still have a lot of good ones out there," said Collins. "The city of North Charleston Police Department has taken a beating over the last few years. I just wanted the citizens to know the police still care."

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""I was blown away by the comments," said Collins, according to WCSC. He added that the response "tells me that people really do care, meant the world to me, kinda restores some faith."

He also said he'd like to thank the officer.

"Thanks for setting a great example for others to follow," said Collins. He advised others to "just care about each other and if you see a person that needs help, help them: police, citizens, it doesn't matter."

The city of North Charleston also shared the image, thanking Collins for posting about what he saw.

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Commenters' hearts were warmed by the photo and accompanying story.

"Too bad we are only hearing about the bad things and not usually about all the god police officers do," said one commenter.

"Love this, treat all as equals and help your fellow man always," said another.

"Black, white, who elderly man needed help that's what's important, and he got it," added another user.

One user commented that the bags the officer was helping the man carry looked familiar.

"Those appear to be bags from the VA hospital here in Charleston, where I go," said the commenter. "I have helped many a vet navigate the hospital in wheelchairs, and or other disabilities. I figure that as a combat vet myself, there is no reason NOT to render aid when needed."

"Such a good deed, what a great picture," said one user in a comment. "We need more of this folks!"

Sources: WGHP, WCSC, Garrod Collins/Facebook / Photo credit: Elvert Barnes/Flickr (2), Garrod Collins/Facebook

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