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Pets Die From Mysterious Symptoms, Possibly Poisoned

At first, Katrina Burrell thought her dogs, Autumn and Marley, just had stomachaches.

"My husband and I had seen their sick symptoms start Saturday night, and we thought maybe it was just an upset stomach, but it didn’t stop," recalled Burrell, reports Fox News.

What's more, their behavior began changing. Autumn was starting to act as if he was drunk, while both dogs vomited and defecated everywhere.

A few days later, doctors said they had to be put down.

It turned out both of the dogs may have had ethylene glycol poisoning, as Marley tested positive, although Autumn, who suffered kidney failure, did not. Still, as the poison can only be detected within a few hours of ingestion, her symptoms indicate she may have had it too.

"The vet said we would have to put Marley down, and we could try to treat Autumn, but it would cost $3,000 a day and there was only a 25 percent chance she would live," said Burrell.

Feeling like they had no choice, they were forced to say their goodbyes.

"They put them on tables side by side, and they let us say all of our goodbyes, and talk with them for the last time," Burrell said. "They put [Marley] down first. I watched him stop breathing, I watched his heart stop beating. They finished his injection and they started Autumn’s injection and she was terrified. I don’t think she was ready."

Now Burrell is trying to warn the public about the poison.

It's not clear how the dogs had ingested ethylene glycol. It is a substance found in a common item many car owners are probably familiar with: antifreeze. 

Burrell reveals she did find some snow melt and a bottle of antifreeze in their neighbor's yard, either of which could be toxic.

"In this case the dog was having seizures; whether it was antifreeze or a different toxin, they had to have had a larger dose because it came on so quickly and so severely and affected both dogs in the house," veterinarian Dr. Ellis said.

It's not clear whether the poisoning was accidental or not. The family is now offering $1,500 to anybody with further information that would lead to an arrest.

In the meantime, they have set-up a GoFundMe account to pay off their dog's bills.

"These dogs were our best friends," the grief-stricken family wrote on the page. "Losing them at the same time was completely and utterly heart breaking."

Sources: Fox NewsGoFundMe / Photo Credit: Aspen Dorociak-Briggs/Facebook

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