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This Footage Will Make You Think Twice Before Entering This San Francisco Restaurant (Video)

New footage shot outside a San Francisco restaurant gives "ground beef" a whole new meaning.

The video, filmed outside of the Lucky River restaurant, shows a cook repeatedly slamming frozen slabs of meat onto the ground to tenderize them. As CBS San Francisco notes, the ground being used is covered in grime, cigarette butts, and dirt.

The video was posted to the web by LiveLeak user torrnado. Here’s how he described what he saw.

"My buddies and I were walking up to the side door to Lucky River Restaurant at 700 Monterey Boulevard in San Francisco for lunch on Friday, November 21, 2014, and we saw this guy tenderizing or trying to break apart frozen meat,” he wrote. “Yes, that appears to be frozen, raw meat that he's slamming on the sidewalk. Maybe it's what makes their Mongolian beef taste so good?"

Here’s the footage:

Lucky River has received a huge number of negative views on their Yelp page since the footage went viral. The restaurant’s manager offered only a brief reply to the troubling video, saying, “The beef was destroyed, and we did not serve it.”

Sources: CBS San Francisco, LiveLeak / Photo Credit: Screenshot, Info USA/


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