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Shocking Clip Depicts Baby Smoking Cigarette (Video)

A shocking new video showing a three-year-old smoking a cigarette has gone viral.

The video shows the young boy sitting in the street smoking a cigarette, and instead of doing something to stop it, adults can be seen and heard laughing along. At one point, a woman scolds the young boy, but she does not try to take the cigarette away from him. 30 percent of China’s population, 300 million people to be exact, are smokers, and this latest video shows just how accepted smoking is in the country.

Users on social media have expressed outrage over the video since it was posted on LiveLeak two days ago.

“Just trying to mimic adults,” said one user. “Don't smoke in front of/around children.”

Since being posted, the video has already garnered close to 48,000 views. Check out the shocking clip below.


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