See It: Teen Getting Knocked Unconscious By NYPD Officer


A new viral video shows a teen being knocked unconscious by an NYPD officer, and now, the teen’s family has filed a lawsuit against the police.

The video clip shows 17-year-old Marcel Hamer lying on the ground pleading with the officer who reportedly was trying to arrest him for smoking what was thought to be marijuana.

“Mister, it was just a cigarette, sir,” pleads Hamer. “It was just a cigarette.”

Suddenly, the officers appears to knock him right in the head, causing him to pass out and not wake up for some time.

“Do you want to get f**ked up?” yells the officer before turning to the teen’s friends and saying, “Yeah, get it on film.”

After lying on the ground unconscious for some time, Hamer eventually woke up.

Now, Hamer’s family has filed a lawsuit against the NYPD, saying that if the tables were turned, there would be charges against the teen for assault.

“If what happened on this video was reversed and Marcel assaulted this officer in the same exact manner, Marcel would be prosecuted, and this officer should be prosecuted for what he did,” said the family’s attorney James Ross.

Hamer’s mother now claims that since the incident, her son suffers from damage to his brain and can’t function like he used to.

“He is always complaining of headaches and he cannot remember things,” Mary Hamer said. “He used to be pretty sharp, and now I am helping him.”

Hamer pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, but now, his family wants the officer in question to be charged. The NYPD says they are conducting a full internal investigation.

Watch the shocking viral clip below.

Sources: Brooklyn Paper, 7 Online, NY Daily News, New York Magazine


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