Viral Clip Shows Off-Duty Officer Fighting With Woman After She Rear-Ended Him (Video)


A shocking viral video showing an off-duty, plain-clothes police officer in a physical altercation with a woman after she allegedly rear-ended his car has sparked controversy online.

In the video’s description, posted on Live Leak, the person who posted the clip says that the man was trying to detain the girl and never showed a badge during the entire altercation.

“I was working nearby (road work), and heard a commotion,” the video’s description reads. “The off duty cop was following these girls in his car (they hit his car in the parking lot). He was trying to detain the girl. Later on a bunch of cops showed up in response to phone calls. He never showed his badge or anything. San Jose police are notorious for this type of behavior.”

CBS San Francisco reports that the off-duty officer was rear-ended by the woman in the video and followed her in her vehicle before attempting to detain her long enough for police to arrive. The video shows the two wrestling outside of his car before another woman, believed to be the sister of the woman caught wrestling with the officer, takes him off of her and gets her into the car before driving away.

Now, Sergeant Heather Randol says that the female suspect bit the officer during the altercation and that both her and her sister have outstanding arrest warrants.

“During the altercation the female suspect assaulted the officer (bit him),” Randol claimed. “She eventually ran to her car and drove away (as seen on the video). Both women have outstanding misdemeanor warrants for their arrests.”

While some say that the off-duty officer used excessive force, Randol says that that an investigation into his “use of force” was done “at the scene with supervisor oversight.”

Sources:CBS San Francisco, Live Leak / Photo Sources: CBS San Fransisco, Live Leak


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