Police Officer Stands Up For Bicyclists Everywhere In Awesome Viral Video (Video)


A viral video out of Illinois shows a driver getting “instant justice” for tailgating a bicyclist at the wrong moment.

The bicyclist captured the incident with a mounted camera, and as shown in the video, a driver appears to start tailgating the man while he’s riding along a busy road. Suddenly, the bicyclist passes a cop, and the driver who is tailgating him gets pulled over. When the cop gets out of the car, he immediately stands up for the man on the bike.

“This jackoff was riding right on your ass!” the officer says to the bicyclist after stopping the driver.

“I know, I saw him right in my mirror,” the bicyclist responds.

“You want me to do something about it?” the officer asks.

“Give him a ticket, because I almost fell too,” the bicyclist says.

“I will,” the officer says. “I’ll put your name on it.”

When the officer questions the person behind the wheel, it’s apparent that the driver isn’t sorry for tailgating the driver, and that makes the cop angry.

“Oh, you don’t care?” he says. “OK, let me see your license and registration.”

Before the bicyclist rides off, the officer lets him know he’s taking care of it and says, “I just want you to know I care.”

Check out the awesome dose of justice this driver receives in the video below.

Sources: Reddit, The Blaze


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