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Watch This Crazy Red Light Beat Down Caught On Camera (Video)

A new video posted on YouTube shows what appears to be a brutal case of road rage.

The clip was posted on YouTube on June 2, and in just one day, it has already garnered nearly 100,000 views. Although the circumstances of the incident aren’t clear, a driver gets out of his car at a red light and walks over to another vehicle to confront the person behind the wheel.

Just as he’s about to get over to the other car’s driver side window, the man gets out of the car and proceeds to punch him in the face before repeatedly punching him in the head.

Before the angry man is done beating the driver who initiated the confrontation, the passenger in the beaten driver’s car gets out to help his friend. The man who threw the punches gets back in his car as the other guy and his friend get back into their car. It takes a minute for the beaten man to get his bearings, but he soon drives off and the video ends.

“Why do people have to rage so much when driving??” writes one YouTube commenter. “Always honking, laying on the accelerator, merging lane after lane... just relax and you'll get there just as quickly.”

Check out the brutal road rage beating in the viral video below.


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