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Viral Clip Shows Bully Getting Knocked Out By Man He Was Harassing (Video)

Karma is certainly sweet in the latest viral clip from World Star Hip Hop showing a bully getting exactly what he deserves.

The clip shows a man on the Atlantic City boardwalk harassing a vendor with his pushcart. The man tries to push the cart into the vendor and tries to get in his face. While it’s not clear what caused the altercation, it appears that the bully, who is wearing cargo shorts, is trying to get a rise out of the vendor.

The man aggressively walks towards the vendor and tries to get close to him, but the pushcart vendor walks backwards to avoid confrontation. Bystanders yell and try to get the man to stop, but he continues to press the vendor’s buttons.

The bully finally takes a swing at the vendor, but the quick-thinking man dodges the punch and immediately comes back with a blow that knocks the bully to the ground. The video ends as the bully is flat on the ground, likely contemplating the poor decisions that resulted in him laying flat in the middle of the boardwalk to a cheering crowd.

Check out the video below and see why many believe this guy got exactly what he deserved.

Sources: BroBible, The Blaze, Fox News


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