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Shocking Clip Shows 11-Month-Old Baby Paragliding By Herself (Video)

People all over the world are outraged today after video of an 11-month-old baby girl being forced to paraglide by herself has gone viral.

The video shows the parents of the 11-month-old girl strapping her into a harness and trying to calm her down before letting her go into the air by herself. The incident took place on Muzhipillangadi Beach in Kerala, India, and as the parents now say, they did it as part of a promotional event for an airline. Reports say that the baby received a month of training prior to actually going into to air, but regardless, many are still outraged that the parents would let their baby do that on her own.

Authorities say they are now investigating the incident to determine whether or not the parents and the event organizers did anything wrong.

“We are looking into the matter and taking legal opinions on whether a case can be registered against the parents and organisers [sic]," said Kannur Superintendent of Police P N Unniraja. It should also be noted that Unniraja inaugurated the event, but he now claims that he tried to convince both the parents and the organizers not to send the baby into the air by herself.

The now viral video has sparked major controversy online, as many say that the parents were acting irresponsibly by allowing their baby to paraglide to begin with.

“The parents should be punished for irresponsibility and the problem is either way the child will suffer!” commented one user, Anand, on an India Today article. “These parents have put their child at high risk. A 11 months old child, come on! It's clear the child is more mature than the parents as she could rightly complain their parents don't have common sense.”

Friends of the family in question, however, say they don’t understand why there is any controversy at all, as the parents gave consent for their child to participate.


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