Terrorists Accidentally Detonate Suicide Belt In Latest Viral Clip (Video)


A video has surfaced online showing what is allegedly a terrorist group celebrating before a loud explosion suddenly occurs. Many are now calling it a perfect example of karma.

Reports say that the video is of a Syrian-based terrorist group, and in it, the men can be seen celebrating and singing while sitting around with rifles stacked on a table.

Suddenly, a loud explosion happens, and the camera can be seen falling to the ground. Some men are shown running around while chaos ensues, and the video quickly ends.

While there hasn’t been any confirmation as to who these men are or what group they are a part of, Mad World News claims that men belong to a group of Takfiri terrorists, and the explosion was allegedly an accidental detonation of a suicide belt.

The video has gone viral, and many people online seem to see it as a dose of karma for the alleged terrorists.

“If only all terrorists would blow themselves up before harming others,” wrote one commenter on the Mad World News article.

Reddit users echoed the same sentiments, with one user writing, “And nothing of value was lost. Except maybe the belt. It may have been a nice belt.”

So far, in just a few days, the video has garnered almost 150,000 views.


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