Violent New Video Of Biker Assault On SUV Driver Alexian Lien Appears On New York TV


The September 29 motorcycle mob assault against the driver of an SUV and his family on New York’s Henry Hudson Parkway just keeps getting more disturbing. Now a local TV station has got its hands on new bystander video that shows the violent beating of Alexian Lien, 33, as he lies motionless on the pavement.

Lien's wife and daughter were also in the car.

An earlier video of the nightmare encounter between a family out for a Sunday drive and a swarming gang of angry motorcyclists went viral and drew worldwide attention to the incident. That recording was made by one of the riders.

The new video was taken by a witness to the tail end of the incident who only recently gave it to WABC TV in New York.

Nine of the motorcyclists have so far been charged in connection with the attack, including Woljiciech Braszczok, an undercover narcotics detective. According to WABC’s report, Braszczok can be seen in the newly emerged video bashing the rear window of Lien’s black SUV.

Braszczok, one of four off-duty cops who rode with the motorcycle group that day but the only one charged, announced through his lawyer Thursday that he would not testify in the case. His lawyer, John Arlia, said that the earlier video exonerated Braszczok.

The attack happened after an altercation in which Lien bumped one of the motorcyclists with his vehicle after the rider appeared — in the earlier video — to slow down directly in front of Lien.

The riders then stopped and surrounded the vehicle, threatening Lien, who panicked and drove off. As he pulled away, he ran over rider Edwin Mieses, who was severely injured and may now be paralyzed. The riders sped off in pursuit of Lien, electing to exact vigilante justice rather than take the SUV’s plate number and call 911.

The new video shows the result of that chase. A group of the riders are seen standing over the fallen Lien, kicking him and striking him with their helmets.

The ninth rider to be charged in the incident, 40-year-old Jason Brown is alleged to be seen in the video pounding Lien with his helmet hard enough to break the visor. Another attacker in the video also beats Lien with a helmet. That assailant is allegedly James Kuehne.

Kaliq Douglas, who was arrested last Friday, also appears in the video, according to the WABC report.

See the station’s report, including the graphic video footage, below. A still frame from the video showing Lien lying seemingly unconscious on the street is above.

SOURCES: WABC TV, New York Daily News


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