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Violent Arrest Of Rapper Sparks Outrage (Video)

A rapper and web-video comedian and his friend were arrested on June 6 in the Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York City (video below). 

The incident, caught on video, is stirring controversy.

According to a New York Police Department spokesman, Levar McDonald was told to leave the park by police around 10:25 p.m, but refused to do so, notes Gothamist. 

"He refused to produce ID and started yelling and screaming, and a crowd gathered around him," the spokesman said. "They told him to leave the park for whatever reason, and then he refused to comply there, and obviously it went to the next level."

The video shows a man wearing a hat, assumed to be McDonald, telling an officer: "Don't put your hands on me. Don't put your hands on me."

Moments later, McDonald tells the people gathered in the park:

You see, you see, they came up to me. You see, Parks Department came to me. They said, "Don't open nothing, keep it closed.'"

I said, "All right I'm about to leave the park."

He said, "All right fine."

I kept it pushing.

He told me, "Don't stand still.'"

"I'm not doing nothing wrong. I'm doing nothing wrong."

A police siren is heard, and more officers arrive on the scene. Authorities swarm McDonald, taking him down. There appears to be a struggle, and one officer raises his fist and punches down.

A second person arrested is identified on the Body Splash YouTube page, where the video was originally posted, as upcoming artist Hazues.

The police spokesman said a second person arrested was Knights Tahj. it is unknown if Knights Tahj is Hazues.

Rapper I.O.D. wrote on his blog that McDonald, who goes by The Levar Show, said the police had been following him for almost 40 minutes before the two met up at the park with a group of friends, according to Cypher League.

I.O.D. added that the police at the park singled out McDonald, and asked him if there was a problem and for his ID for no reason.

When McDonald asked if he was being placed under arrest, the police didn't answer, but they did try to separate him from the rest of the people in the park, according to I.O.D.

Sources: Gothamist, / Photo Credit: Body Splash/YouTube

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