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Violence At Charlotte Protest For Keith Scott (Video)

Violence broke out during a protest for Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sept. 20 and 21 (video below).

Scott had gotten out of his car near the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, when police confronted the 40-year-old African-American and fatally shot him on Sept. 20, notes NBC News.

In response, some protesters threw rocks and water bottles at police, stomped on and damaged vehicles, blocked traffic, and set fires, reports CNN.

Police donned riot gear and used tear gas on the demonstrators.

Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan was on the streets covering a part of the protest in which a civilian was fatally shot by another civilian on Sept. 21.

Harrigan was confronted by a female African-American protester who was in tears: "He was shot, just like everybody else. Black people get shot every day, right? It’s okay for that, right? It’s okay for our brothers and our fathers not to come home, right?"

Harrigan asked the young woman why she was out protesting when a man was shot 50 yards away.

"Because I serve a purpose sir!" she replied. "I serve a purpose. My father served a purpose! My brother serves a purpose!"

The interview grew more intense as the young woman named off various places, including work and school, where she could be shot by the police.

Harrigan asked the young woman if anyone saw the shooting, and she accused Harrigan of wanting the civilian shooting on video so that he could "make a f----- fabricated story."

Harrigan told Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly that there was "a lot of hostility and skepticism towards the media."

In a separate incident, CNN Reporter Ed Lavender was knocked to the ground by a protester.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Police Department said in a statement on Sept. 20 that the cops saw Scott holding a handgun when he got out of his car and got back in.

When Scott exited his car a second time, officers approached and said they believed him to be an "imminent deadly threat," reports NBC News.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Police Chief Kerr Putney said that the cops told Scott to drop his handgun, but he did not, and an African-American officer opened fire.

Scott was taken to a local hospital where he died. A woman identifying herself as Scott's daughter live streamed a video on Facebook from the shooting scene. She said that her dad was disabled and was holding a book, reports CNN.

Putney insisted that a handgun, not a book, was found by police. However, no photo of the gun has been released yet. The officer who shot Scott was not wearing a body camera, but other officers were; their video has not yet been released.

Sources: NBC News, CNN/YouTube, Fox News via YouTube / Photo credit: CNN/YouTube

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