Vincent George Sr. and Vincent George Jr. Accused of Running Multimillion Dollar Sex Ring


Father and son, Vincent George Sr. and Vincent George Jr., both of Allentown, Pennsylvania, pleaded not guilty earlier this month to sex trafficking, money laundering and other charges. The two are accused of running a multimillion-a-year sex ring.

Prosecutors said Monday that the father and son sent prostitutes to New York City, where cab drivers helped find customers that made the men big money, but provided the women only a few dollars a night.

The prostitutes (each) reportedly made as much as $500,000 a year for the two men, who threatened to beat them when they didn't bring in as much money as expected.

The women traveled to Manhattan, carrying cards that said "professional masseuses" and wore degrading tattoos, which included bar codes.

Six cab drivers were due to be arraigned Monday on promoting-prostitution charges .

George Jr.'s lawyer, Richard Verchick, said: "There is not enough information to make a judgment."


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