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Mexican Villagers Cross Paths With Massive 25-Foot Snake

Residents in the small town of Benito Juarez, Mexico killed an enormous snake recently.

The villagers say they killed the slithering, 25-foot giant due to fears that it could eat small livestock or even young children.

“I have never seen a snake that big, and it was clear that it was a danger to people as well is wild stock,” resident Nicandro Aguilar said. “It could just as easily have swallowed down a child as a lamb or a calf. It was massive.”

A tourist passing through the town saw the dead snake and decided to snap a picture. How’d you like to see this crawling down your street:

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MailOnline reports that conservationists are protesting the killing and threatening to press charges. The residents have expressed no remorse for taking out the snake and say they were just protecting their community. 


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