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Welsh Village Suffers 81 Straight Days Of Rain

Residents of a Welsh village are completely fed up after the village has experienced 81 days of consistent rainfall.

It has rained every day since Oct. 26, 2015, in the village of Eglwyswrw, Pembrokeshire. The amount of rain has been described by locals as “biblical.”

The gloomy weather, besides being an annoyance to locals, is also affecting local farmers, who have been forced to keep their livestock indoors for the duration of the seemingly never-ending rainfall.

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According to BBC News, the rainfall is possibly the longest run of rainy weather in the UK in about 92 years. In 1923, Scotland experienced 89 consecutive days of rain.

Local farmer John Davies, 52, told Mirror that “everybody in the village is starting to get fed up with it now.”

“The forecast for tomorrow is finally dry weather, but to be honest that’s been predicted before and hasn’t materialized,” Davies said. “I think people would much prefer some decent weather than for the village to end up in the record books.”

Davies added that the months of rain are “grinding people down both physically and psychologically.”

Howard Lewis, 73, said that the rain is “making people miserable,” according to Mirror. Lewis runs a Shire horse center in Eglwyswrw and said that he has never seen the ground so wet before.

Fortunately for residents of the village, flooding has not been too much of a concern during the rainfall as the village is 423 feet above sea level, reported Mirror.

Sources: BBC NewsMirror / Photo credit: Mirror

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