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Trump Covers Cup Of Water During Interview (Photos)

Trump Covers Cup Of Water During Interview (Photos) Promo Image

Pictures of President Donald Trump covering the top of his glass of water with a paper during an interview with Piers Morgan has social media users talking.

Morgan took to social media on Jan. 28 to tweet about his exclusive interview with Trump in Davos, the Daily Mail reported.

"Incredible response to #TrumpMorgan... love him or hate him - and there's no middle ground! - nobody in the world draws a bigger, more visceral reaction than Donald Trump," Morgan wrote.

But some social media users couldn't help but notice something strange about the president's cup of water.

"Trump's glass of water with paper cover," tweeted one user.

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"He's covered the top of his water glass with the paper coaster thing. That is proper paranoid," added another. "Does he think Piers is going to lace his drink?"

During the interview, Morgan asked Trump about the outrage over the state visit invitation given to him by Prime Minister Theresa May on behalf of the queen.

"I think I'm very popular in your country," Trump responded.

"Let's not be too hasty Mr. President," Morgan replied.

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"I know but I believe that, I really do," Trump insisted. "I get so much fan mail from people in your country.

"They love my sense of security, they love what I'm saying about many different things. We get tremendous support from people in the UK."

The "Good Morning Britain" host received some backlash for his interview with Trump, as some people felt he went too soft on U.S. president.

"Let’s be honest, the Trump haters wouldn’t have been happy if i had literally hammered him into the ground in front of the secret service," Morgan told Mike Graham and Katie Perrior, Talk Radio reported. "Trump haters are never going to be anything but hateful. They hate him too much."

Morgan also boasted about getting Trump to apologize for his recent retweets of Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen. He compared the moment to David Frost's interview with Richard Nixon in 1977, in which it took 28 hours of filming to get Nixon to apologize.

"I got an apology out of Trump...after 28 minutes," Morgan said.

Morgan then called out media outlet The Guardian.

"Now they've gone tabloid you've got to wonder whether they've got the right kind of personnel for this kind of thing," Morgan added.

Other social media users commended Morgan for his interview with Trump.

"Excellent interview. Needed airing after so much fake news we have to endure. Fair [and] balanced," wrote one user. "The silent minority will no doubt voice an opinion but ultimately USA are our closest ally & should be treated with the same respect on which they show us."

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