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'The View' Hosts Think Trump Should Leave Obama Alone

'The View' Hosts Think Trump Should Leave Obama Alone Promo Image

The hosts of "The View" think President Donald Trump needs to get over former President Barack Obama. 

During the Oct. 17 episode of the daytime talk show, the hosts slammed the president for his claim that past presidents did not call the families of fallen soldiers. 

"If you look at President Obama and other presidents, most of them didn't make calls -- a lot of them didn't make calls -- I like to make calls when it's appropriate," Trump said at a news conference, reports NBC News.

The president was responding to a question on why he had not addressed the death of four American troops in Niger. 

After viewing the clip of Trump's news conference, the television hosts let loose on the president. 

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"You don't need to bring in Obama," Whoopi Goldberg said, reports Mediaite. "What is wrong with you? Just stop!"

"He's obsessed with Obama and [former Democratic nominee] Hillary Clinton," Joy Behar said. "Yesterday he was talking about her again. It's like, move it along." 

Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain of Arizona, also chimed in, saying Trump should steer clear of politicizing fallen soldiers. 

"I never understand any sort of attacking on either side of the aisle that has anything to do with the military and fallen soldiers," she said. "I think all of us collectively as Americans, you would be hard pressed to find someone who would want to politicize that. So I'm always confused by the political capital that he expends when he says something like this."

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During the same press conference, Trump tried to amend his comment on Obama, saying, "President Obama, I think probably did sometimes, and maybe sometimes he didn't. I don't know. That's what I was told."

A former Obama administration official challenged Trump's claim, telling NBC News that Trump was "wrong." 

"President Obama engaged families of the fallen and wounded warriors throughout his presidency through calls, letters, visits to Section 60 at Arlington, visits to Walter Reed, visits to Dover, and regular meetings with Gold Star Families at the White House and across the country," the official said. 

During an Oct. 17 interview on Fox News Radio, Trump doubled down on his original comment, saying reporters should ask White House chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly if Obama called him after his son died in Afghanistan. 

"As far as other presidents, I don't know, you could ask Gen. Kelly, did he get a call from Obama? I don't know what Obama's policy was," Trump said during the interview. 

Kelly's son, 1st Lt. Robert Michael Kelly, was killed in 2010 after he stepped on a land mine. 

In a 2011 profile, Kelly told The Boston Globe that he avoids speaking publicly about his son's death. 

"We are not inclined to make ourselves out to be any different, just because I'm a lieutenant general in the Marines," Kelly told the paper. "We are just one family. It's not worse for us; it's not easier for us."

Sources: Mediaite, NBC News (2) / Featured Image: Obama White House/Flickr / Embedded Images: ABC (2)

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