Vietnamese Coffee Importer Buys Smallest Town In U.S. for $900,000


After the tiny town of Buford, Wyo., went up for auction, Vietnamese businessman Pham Dinh Nguyen bought it in hopes of using its semi-fame to pursue his own American Dream.

The businessman decided to purchase the town after reading online that it was being auctioned off.

Nguyen, a PhinDeli coffee importer, hopes to use the town’s reputation as having only one resident to attract tourists to sample his coffee.

The previous owner and the town’s sole resident, Don Sammons, had attracted tourists with gas, snacks and other road essentials.

Nguyen said he has always dreamed of expanding his coffee brand to the U.S., as Vietnam is the second greatest importer of coffee to the U.S.

“Everybody has a dream,” Nyugen said. “So do I. I have an American dream.”

Sammons announced that a book on his experiences and adventures in Buford would available on Amazon in November, called “Buford One: The True Story of How One Man Built a Town and Sold it to the World.”

Sammons purchased the town for $155,000 in 1992. It was auctioned off for $900,000.

Sources: NY Post, Complex


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