Vietnam Veterans Arrested Staging Protest At New York's Vietnam Memorial SIte

A group of Vietnam veterans are under arrest this morning after staying past closing time at New York’s Vietnam memorial in lower Manhattan. It is not yet known how many veterans were arrested by New York cops.

The veterans were there as part of a demonstration marking the 12th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. The protest was staged at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza on Water Street near the southernmost tip of Manhattan island.

The plaza closes at 10 pm, but the Vietnam vets refused to leave despite repeated commands from police to vacate the premises.

The same group staged a protest last year at the memorial and many of its members were arrested then. On its web site, the group Veterans For Peace says that last year, 25 of its members and their “allies” were arrested.

On a video of the arrests posted on YouTube today, veterans can be heard telling police that they are protesting to revive awareness of “immense atrocities” committed in Vietnam.

“Some of you are so much younger, and history has been denied you, so you just need to know why we are here,” one veteran tells the cops.

According to the Veterans For Peace posting, the group applied to get a permit for the demonstration but was denied by the city’s Parks Department. The group decided to go ahead with the protest anyway.

Video from the incident can be seen below.

SOURCES: Atlantic Wire, The Blaze, Veterans For Peace, YouTube


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