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Vietnam Veteran Touched By Anonymous Note Thanking Him For Service

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When Florida man Richard Smith returned to his car in a parking lot on Sunday, he noticed a note on his door handle.

Smith assumed the note could mean one thing: someone had hit his car and left a note with their information. Already dreading calls to insurance companies and car repairs, Smith was shocked when he realized the note was actually an anonymous thank letter for his service in the Vietnam war.

“I opened it right here and I’m reading it,” Smith said. “I said, ‘wow.’ That’s really something. It got me a little emotional.”

According to Smith, he’s going to make copies of the note and place them around his house.

“I thank you so much for fighting for our country,” the note reads. “The dedication of your life will always, forever be appreciated.”

Smith’s bumper has a Vietnam veteran sticker on it, which is likely what prompted the note. Smith added that while many people have noticed the bumper sticker and thanked him for his service, he’s never received such a heartfelt note.

Smith said he hopes when veterans watch the news they’ll see the note and feel good about their role in Vietnam.

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Sources: The Blaze, WTHR / Photo Credit: The Blaze


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