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Veteran Kicked Out Of Store Because Employee Assumes He's Homeless

A Vietnam veteran was reportedly kicked out of a Chicago Walgreens last week because a security guard thought he was homeless. Now, reports claim that he has been hospitalized because the incident caused him to have an episode of post-traumatic stress disorder.

62-year-old Daniel Habeel walked into the Walgreens store last Wednesday evening, and before he was able to purchase anything, a security guard told him he had to leave or else the police would come to arrest him. Habeel’s wife, Arnetha, says that when her husband returned to their vehicle, he was noticeably upset and kept repeating, over and over, that he didn’t do anything wrong. Arnetha decided to take him to a local VA hospital after noticing that his blood pressure would gradually rise the more he talked about what had happened to him.

Doctors at the VA hospital confirmed that Habeel was suffering from an episode of PTSD that made him remember times stationed in Germany when he would be denied access into stores.

Phil Caruso, spokesperson for Walgreens, called the incident “unfortunate” and said that following an internal investigation, it was determined that the guard acted “on his own” and was promptly fired.

“We apologize that this occurred, and we certainly value our customers, especially our veterans who serve our country,” said Caruso.

Habeel, a celebrated veteran and advocate, founded and runs the RTW Veterans’ Center and reportedly stopped at the Walgreens store between picking up donations from restaurants.


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