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Videos of Brutal Hazing at Pennsylvania High School Surface

Videos of upperclassmen allegedly hazing incoming freshmen at Upper St. Clair High School in Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania have recently surfaced.

Last week, parents filed police complaints about the reported hazing.

The purported videos (below) show upperclassmen laughing as they paddle freshmen and record the beatings on their cell phones.

In addition to the video, there were pictures taken of the younger boys' buttocks with welts and blisters, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

Parents of the beaten boys claim that wooden boards and hockey sticks were used on their children.

Younger boys were reportedly texted by older boys and told where to show up for the hazing, if they refused, then a worse beating was allegedly planned.

Apparently, the hazing is supported by several Upper St. Clair High School students on Twitter, who wrote:

“good job to the upcoming seniors for making the news for paddling #loveit”

“THAT’S AWESOME! my grade was on TV for hazing #bestupperclassmen”

“This is such bull(expletive)!!! You should be honored to be pattled (sic)!!”

Source: CBS Pittsburgh


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