Video: Zubin Bogdanoff Beats 83-Year-Old Man in Road Rage Attack


Zubin Bogdanoff allegedly beat an unidentified 83-year-old man in an instance of road rage in Rocklin, California (video below).

Bogdanoff, on Saturday morning, allegedly followed an elderly driver a half mile to his home, confronted him in his garage and brutally assaulted the senior, reports CBS Sacramento.

One neighbor told CBS Sacramento: “This guy was kicking an 83-year-old man in his own garage."

A second neighbor said: “I heard he was pounding his head into the garage floor, pretty brutal.”

A third neighbor tried to intervene, but Bogdanoff allegedly turned and attacked him as well: “He drug him out of the car and he had one hand on top of the car, one hand on top of his cabinet and he was literally stomping his head."

"I could tell it was gonna do no good to plant my feet and go at it with him because he had that look in his eyes. You can just tell when somebody is over the edge. He was over the edge, this shouldn’t have happened. No 83-year-old deserves that. Nobody deserves that.”

When police responded to 911 calls, they discovered the elderly man suffering serious injuries.

Bogdanoff, who fled the scene, was arrested after a brief search and booked into Placer County Jail on charges of assault, burglary, battery, and felony abuse of an elder.

The elderly man was taken to a nearby hospital and reported to be in stable condition.


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