Video: You've Never Seen Such A Lazy Letter Carrier, Promise


You know Americans are getting lazy when not even a letter carrier wants to walk anymore.

Georgia resident Mark Anderson has a home surveillance video system. Anderson says the system is primarily there so he can keep an eye on his disabled mother while he’s away during the day.

After getting home one day not long ago, something unusual caught Anderson's eye on the video feed. A USPS truck was parked on his lawn right in front of his porch.

“I saw a thumbnail image of the post truck and said ‘what the,’” Anderson said.

Anderson watched the film and saw a letter carrier park on his lawn in order to minimize the amount of walking she had to do to drop off the package.

The best part?

Anderson says the package only weighed 2 pounds.

Here’s the video of your hard working letter carrier:

Source: The Blaze


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