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Video: Youth Hockey Association Raffles Guns, Including AR-15 Rifles

The West Fargo Hockey Association in Fargo, North Dakota has had an “overwhelming” demand of entries into their raffle of 200 guns, including three AR-15 military-style assault rifles, reports KVLY-TV (video below).

Because of the huge demand, the youth hockey league stated on their website: “Due to the overwhelming response of this raffle, we are not taking ticket orders at this time until we are able to validate the remaining ticket count."

West Fargo Hockey Association board member Mike Prochnow told WDAY-TV: “I knew it was going to blow up, but I didn’t know it was going to blow up to this magnitude,”

Among the 200 guns being raffled are three Rock River AR-15 Coyote rifles, which are similar to the Bushmaster AR-15 used in the Newtown, Connecticut massacre.

The youth hockey league hopes to raise $90,000 by raffling off 4,000 tickets to cover the cost of new ice.

Prochnow told KVLY-TV: “We just want to get our message out that this is for a youth association, we’re not handing guns out to just people off the street, to people that come in. They have to go through a background check, they have to go through all the hoops that everybody else does. Kids start hunting at young age here with there parents. But we are not handing them out. This is a raffle for the kids.”


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