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Video: World War II Vets Honored by Flash Mob at D.C. Airport

On May 23, 2012 at 9:31 am, a flash mob broke out at Reagan National Airport. However, it was not your typical rehearsed flash mob with music and dance moves (video below).

A US Airways employee announced that at Gate 38 an Honor Flight carrying World War II veterans would be arriving and encouraged people to help greet them, reports

The Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization that transports veterans (with an emphasis on World War II survivors) to Washington, D.C. to visit war memorials. This group of vets was flying in from South Carolina.

Throughout the airport, travelers left their gates and gathered around gate 38, including some active military personnel.

As the elderly veterans walked into the terminal, every person in Reagan National Airport reportedly stood, cheered and shook their the vets' hands for 20 minutes. Someone held up an old newspaper from 1945 that had a banner headline that said, “Nazis Quit!”


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