Video: Woman Slammed to Ground By Cop at Traffic Stop

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A newly released dash-cam video (below) shows Addyston, Ohio police officer Jeremie Keene slamming driver Tiffany Becker to the ground for not coming to a complete stop at an intersection.

The video, obtained by WCPO-TV, shows Becker slowing down, but not stopping, at the intersection.

Officer Keene briefly followed the car before pulling her over. Becker denied that she ran the stop sign and said an expletive at the officer before being asked to get out of the car.

Seconds later, Officer Keene throws Becker to the ground and handcuffs her, while her four-year-old daughter screams in the background.

The video seemed to contradict portions of a police report filed by Officer Keene, which read: “The subject had to be forcibly removed from the vehicle, due to her failure to comply with lawful orders of law enforcement.

"Upon doing so the female pushed the arresting officer and was at that point taken to the ground in a manner to better control her for the safety of both her and I.”

However, Hamilton County Assistant Prosecutor Julie Wilson told WCPO-TV that the charges against Becker were dropped: “She, quite frankly, doesn’t have a chance to become disorderly or resist arrest.”


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