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Some Say Woman's Behavior Resembles Demonic Possession (Video)

An alarming video (below) showing a woman writhing on the ground, crawling around and contorting herself while screaming and moaning, is causing some to suggest that she was so high on drugs that she resembled somebody possessed by demons.

A passerby recorded the footage at nighttime on a Baltimore street, reports the Daily Mail.

"I'm so sorry," the woman says in the video while flailing her arms and trying to get up, as somebody else films her but does not intervene. "Help me, I'm sorry."

She again cries, "Help me!"

"Ain't nobody helping you, you dirty as s***," responds the person behind the camera, according to the Daily Mail.

Indeed, throughout the duration of the clip, nobody comes to the woman's aid. The person filming makes fun of the woman, saying that she looks like she is in the midst of an "exorcism" and responded with low-pitched cries similar to those from the groundbreaking 1973 film "The Exorcist."

In the full video, the person filming reportedly convinces the woman to show her "butt cheeks" and twerk before calling her an "ugly a**."

"Pray for me!" the woman screams, as she falls in the middle of the street after walking in front of a passing car that was honking at her. "I can't f***ing breathe!" she says, as the person keeps filming.

"I'm high, but I don't feel like you though," the person behind the camera says.

Police from Baltimore City and Baltimore County departments both told the media outlet that they were not familiar with the footage or the distressed woman. It is not known, what, if any, drug she had taken, though the jarring footage is far from the first reported instance of people high on drugs mimicking demonic possessions.

In 2013, a powerful and inexpensive drug called 2CB was so easy to come by in the UK that people could order it online for half the price of a gram of cocaine, according to a probe from The Sun. That hallucinogen reportedly caused people to engage in harmful behavior like biting others and trying to claw off their own faces.

"People have an acute psychotic episode and lose touch with reality for up to six hours," Dr. Owen Bowden-Jones, an expert on illegal substances, told The Sun. "In that time they're psychologically disturbed and can do dangerous things such as jumping from windows and harming themselves."

Warning: video contains footage that some viewers might find disturbing.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo credit: Ashley Campbell/Flickr

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