Woman Beats Legless Man In a Wheelchair (Video)

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A woman in a shopping mall beat up a man in a wheelchair and dumped him onto the floor after he allegedly touched her behind. The woman’s daughter caught the incident on video, while simultaneously pleading with her mother to stop.

Set outside of a RadioShack in an unidentified mall, the video shows a rather one-sided fight. There is an unintelligible spat between the two. The woman, who uses a walker herself, calls the legless, wheelchair-bound man a pervert as they walk away from each other.

As the shouting escalates, they turn to each other again. She dares the man to slap her, and when he does she grabs his arm and begins throwing punches.

After the fight the man says he slapped her for “disrespecting” him. He repeatedly refers to her as a "ho."

Never backing down, the woman shouts for someone to call the police. She explains to a man who appears to be a mall official that the legless man touched her behind as she passed the RadioShack. The official struggles to separate and calm the two while they wait for police.

Source: Daily Mail


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