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Video: Woman Arrested After Slapping, Screaming At Cheating Boyfriend In Public

So, apparently this is how break-ups go down in Hong Kong.

A now-viral video was posted on YouTube two days ago showing a girlfriend slapping and yelling at her boyfriend while he kneels on the ground in front of her. The whole ordeal took place in public and attracted a nice little crowd of witnesses.

The kneeling boyfriend seems to have brought another girl back to his apartment (though he repeatedly denies it). The other girl is standing next to the couple during the argument. The boyfriend appeals to her several times to back up his claims but she stays silent.

Anyways, the whole embarrassing thing goes on for about five minutes before witnesses get involved and tell the girl to stop.

As if this whole thing wasn’t already weird enough, the boyfriend went to the hospital afterwards to receive treatment for injuries from a “dispute over love affairs.” The girlfriend, meanwhile, was arrested by police and charged with common assault.

Here’s the video:

Source: Gawker


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