Video: Witnesses Claim George Zimmerman Didn't Help Trayvon Martin


Sanford, Florida resident Mary Cutcher and her roommate Selma Lamilla told NBC News' 'Dateline' (in an interview scheduled to air Sunday night) that they went outside afer hearing a gunshot and saw George Zimmerman standing over victim Trayvon Martin.

Cutcher said: “We both saw him straddling the body, basically, a foot on both sides of Trayvon’s body and his hands pressed on his back. Zimmerman never turned him over or tried to help him or CPR or anything."

Lamilla said that Zimmerman appeared to be pacing after the shooting: “He started walking back and forth like three times with his hand on the head and kind of, he was walking like kind of confused."

Cutcher said of Martin's last moments: “It sounded young. It didn’t sound like a grown man is my point.  It sounded to me like someone was in distress and it wasn’t like a crying, sobbing boo-hoo, it was a definite whine.”

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However, Cutcher's interview contradicts Zimmerman’s buddy Joe Oliver, who told 'Good Morning America': "After this started – the reports I got – (Zimmerman) couldn’t stop crying." 

Oliver claims that the voice screaming on the 911 tapes was Zimmerman, not the victim Martin: "From the clips that I’ve heard online, I heard George. That sounded like someone who was in dire need of help. It sounded like George."

"Just now, he’s becoming aware of how big this has gotten. It’s just starting to sink in. Up until this point…he’s been very confident- naively – that this would blow over."

However, that is clearly not the case. Some are comparing Martin to Emmitt Till, a 14-year-old black boy from Chicago, who was killed in 1955 while visiting Mississippi for supposedly whistling at a white woman.

Speaking at the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Eatonville, Florida, the Rev. Jesse Jackson said:  "If it’s a moment, we go home. If it’s a movement, we go to war. There is power in the blood of the innocent. Blacks are under attack."

See a gallery of Trayvon Martin Protest photos


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