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Video: William Clark Arrested for Throwing Woman on Subway Tracks

Police arrested William Clark of Philadelphia, Pa. on Thursday for allegedly assaulting a woman and then throwing her onto subway tracks.

This past Tuesday, SEPTA surveillance video caught a vicious attack at the subway’s Chinatown stop on Race Street along the Broad Ridge-Spur subway line. The incident initially began innocently enough – with a man asking a woman for a lighter. When she obliged his request, the man in question showed his appreciation by taking the lighter, assaulting the woman, and then tossing her on the nearby tracks.

During the scuffle, the woman involved dropped her cell phone. The attacker picked it up before getting away.

According to MyFox Philadelphia, authorities were able to get a fairly decent description of the man in the video almost immediately. However, because he “had a very distinct jacket” that eventually became the police’s “best lead,” they didn’t release that description to the public.

They just, you know, arrested him instead.

What was so “distinct” about Clark’s clothing that it eventually led to his apprehension? He was wearing a Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resorts jacket.

When police caught up with Clark -- who was apparently was wearing his nifty jacket at the time -- they reportedly discovered him with the victim’s cell phone.

Clark has been arrested on burglary, retail theft, robbery and stolen auto charges in the past. Needless to say, if the evidence here holds up, he will be adding a few more things to that already impressive résumé.

(Kudos MyFox Philadelphia, Gawker, ABC)


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