Video: Wild Student Brawl at Andy Dekaney High School in Houston


On Friday, a student fight in a cafeteria at Andy Dekaney High School in Houston, Texas, initially involving four students quickly escalated into a wild brawl. A video (below) shows chaos erupting after others jumped in.

The cafeteria fight is the latest  violence at the school. In November 2011, a police officer used pepper spray to break up a large crowd of people who came to watch a fight. There was a also small riot that broke out in May of 2011.

One mother, who declined to give her name, told KHOU-TV that parents are frustrated with the fighting: “We feel like this is getting out of control, way out of control. I feel like we’re gonna lose a life if somebody doesn’t do something to prevent these fights that are going on every day."

Andy Dekaney High School’s principal, Delic Loyde, said: 'We have to have immediate solutions. We know that. We know that we have to do something quickly."


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