Mom Shows Off Impressive Skateboarding Skills (Video)


A short video (below) uploaded to Instagram by a young mother showing her doing something very surprising is quickly spreading around on social media.

Maria Oberholer has impressed the internet by sharing a video of herself performing a kickflip on her skateboard while pushing her 8-month-old baby in his stroller, Romper reports.

The video, which was originally uploaded to Instagram on March 31, quickly went viral, gaining thousands of comments and likes in six days. It also racked up over 800,000 views, 24,000 likes, and 5,800 shares on the TransWorld SKATEboarding Facebook page in just one day.

Many Facebook and Instagram users received the video positively; however not everybody was so supportive.

“ ... [S]top promoting this stupid act involving babies in push cars being pushed by the so called parents doing tricks,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Put yourself at risk, not other people,” another wrote. “That should cover babies too.”

Many people also defended the German skateboarding mother and assured users that the baby was not in danger.

“If you were a skater like she is, you’d understand that the baby was in no real danger there,” one person wrote in the Facebook comments. “[A] simple trip to the grocery store in a car is trillion times more risk.”

Sources: Romper, Trans World SKATEboarding/Facebook, Instagram via YouTube / Photo Credit: Instagram via Romper, YouTube

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