Mailman Yells At Cops And Gets Arrested (Video)


Four NYPD officers and a lieutenant cuffed an on-duty postal worker because he shouted at them, said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams on March 22 (video below).

On March 17, 27-year-old Glenn Grays, of East New York, was driving in Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood when an unmarked police vehicle almost hit his mail truck, reports New York Daily News. The entire incident was caught on video.

In the video an agitated Grays yells something out of his window at the police car, which backs up and stops. Four plainclothes police and a lieutenant get out of the car.

The mail carrier was holding a large brown cardboard box when the police approached him.

Fortunately for Grays, the entire incident was caught on camera by bystanders, who can be heard in the background asking police why Grays was stopped.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, shows the police asking Grays for identification, and him telling them that it’s in his mail truck.

The officers then pull Grays away from the door and he doesn’t resist. He was then placed in the back of the police vehicle and was taken away, leaving his mail truck unattended.

“They place handcuffs on an on-duty postal employee delivering the U.S. mail. If they would do that to him in his postal uniform, they would do it to any person of color in that community,” Adams said at a press conference on March 22, where he played the video.

Adams said Grays was brought to the Precinct Stationhouse and issued a subpoena.

“They issued him a summons in hopes of sweeping this under the rug,” said Adams. “It is not a crime for someone to voice outrage after almost being struck by a vehicle ... It is not a crime to state that you’re angry at someone who almost hit you. That is not a crime,” he stressed.

Adams said Grays has a clean record and no run-ins with the police.

“He is traumatized,” Adams said.

The NYPD said on March 22 the incident was under examination.

WARNING: Contains graphic language.

Sources: New York Daily News, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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