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Video: Waverly High School Performs Chris Brown and Rihanna Blackface Domestic Violence Skit

A recent CNN iReport, by citizen journalist Matthew Dishler, showed a high school skit where students wore blackface and parodied the Chris Brown-Rihanna domestic violence incident (video below).

Two male students and one female student of Waverly High School [in Waverly, New York]  appeared in the racial skit as part of the “Mr. Waverly” competition pep rally.

One of the boys held an umbrella (a reference to the Rihanna song 'Umbrella'), while being restrained by another boy, as a girl lay helplessly on the ground, reports and WENY-TV.

Dishler wrote on his Facebook page, on Monday, that he was coming under fire for posting the video: “Let me be clear: Domestic violence is not a joke for school. Ever. Do they do it on TV? Yes. Know what else they do on TV? Eat maggots, talk openly about their sex lives, use profane language, show drinking, smoking, a litany of other offenses."

Waverly Central School District Superintendent Joseph Yelich said in a statement that he planned to meet with school officials, reported the Towanda Daily Review.


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