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Watch: Restaurant Employee Dragged By Hair Through Drive-Thru Window (Video)

A YouTube video of a violent confrontation (shown below) at what appears to be a McDonald’s drive-thru window has gone viral, but no one seems to know where, or when, the video was recorded. 

The video, posted to YouTube Aug. 31, opens to a woman in a car arguing with a drive-thru worker. 

It appears to have been recorded with a cellphone by a person sitting in the back seat of the car. As the confrontation escalates, the woman in the driver’s seat opens the door, stands up, and grabs the female worker by the hair before dragging her through the service window. 

The woman’s body appears to land on the partially opened driver’s side window and breaks out the glass. More shouting is heard, with someone yelling at a person named “Quita” to “open the door” and “get out.” The video then cuts off. 

There are few details given about the fairly violent video.

It appeared in a thread on Reddit where a user with the name doopercooper pointed out that it likely violated a posted rule that reads: “No Videos of Real-Life, Malicious Person-On-Person Assault/Battery or Physical Abuse of Animals. This includes raw video of fights.”

The user who posted it to YouTube left a brief description that read: “Fast food worker is pulled by her hair through drive-thru window. Woman named ‘Quita’ appears to be the culprit.”

The original poster used the username William Bastone, which is the same name as the editor and founder of the website The Smoking Gun, according to the site’s information page. 

The Smoking Gun did run a brief story about the video which also offered few details and ended with the sentence, “While unclear where the dispute was filmed, it is likely to have occurred this month.”

The YouTube account with the William Bastone username has only posted four other videos in the last two months.

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Photo credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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