Video: Vigilantes Lure Potential Sex Predators Online, Confront Them as Superheroes

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In Hilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, police have warned local vigilantes [dressed as superheroes such as Batman] to stop luring potential sex offenders.

The four young vigilantes, ages 17 to 30, have pretended to be underage girls online and  lured men to public meeting spots and verbally humiliated them.

The vigilantes posted their videos (below) on their 'To Troll A Predator' Facebook page and YouTube, which have gotten hundreds of thousands of views.

The police warned them to stop their activities back in November, but the 'heroes' are at it again.

On Monday morning, they posted on Facebook: “Wanted to let everybody know in the process of trying to make another video last night we had a 24-year-old man coming to meet a 15 year old girl … a police officer (who) happened to be in the parking lot caught us before we were able to get any video footage, but the predator did get taken away in the squad car and was detained until further investigation could be completed.”

Const. Tracey Wolbeck said that the four young men were told to stop and “police will not condone vigilantism," but added that they weren’t arrested or charged.


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