Video: Univ. of Conn. Campus TV Airs 'Rape Comedy' Skit

The student-run, student-funded UCTV at the University of Connecticut aired a rape comedy sketch on at least two occasions, Nov. 10 and Jan. 30, reports Gawker.com.

In the video (below), a woman who is running from a possible rapist uses a campus phone to contact UConn’s 911 system.

On the phone, she hears a series of insults: “stinky bitch,” a “holler monkey,” and a “cock gobbler.”

“You dumb blonde bitches don’t understand, always crying about being raped,” the voice says. “Suck it up.”

Later, a phone tells the young woman, “I will fuck you so hard that you will wish you were raped by someone else.”

UConn spokesman Michael Kirk told the Connecticut Post: "UCTV, like the Daily Campus newspaper, is funded by students and run by students, and they produce the programs and decide what goes on the air."

“It appears that the staff has already taken the video down in response to complaints from their fellow students, but anyone who feels a program is offensive should share their views directly with the station, as it appears many already have.”

“Please keep in mind that the views expressed on any UCTV program do not reflect the opinions of UCTV, its board of directors, its members, or the University of Connecticut. In the future, please direct all inquiries to productions@uctv.uconn.edu.”


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