Video: Unconscious Michigan Man Robbed By Three People After Falling Off His Bike

Three Ann Arbor, Michigan residents have been hit with felony charges after they were caught on surveillance video last week robbing an unconscious man.

On the video, a man riding his bike hits a curb and flies off. The fall left him unconscious. The victim seemed to be fleeing from an attacker, as a man, now identified as 19-year-old Jonas Abrams, immediately arrived on the scene and stole the victim’s bike.

A woman, identified as Audreyanna Little, robs the unconscious victim shortly after. Little returns minutes later with 39-year-old Willie McGraw and the two rob the victim a second time. Little and McGraw both face larceny charges.

Abrams, the attacker who stole the victim’s bike, is facing one charge of unarmed robbery.

The victim suffered a broken eye socket, a severely split lip, and several broken teeth from the fall. Doctors have managed to control bleeding in the man’s brain, and he has been moved out of the intensive care unit at a local hospital.

Ann Arbor police Detective Dan Iverson told MLive today that police are still looking for witnesses to piece together information about the crime.

“In addition to getting the context of the incident, we’re attempting to locate witnesses that saw the events leading up to the robbery, the actual robbery and what transpired afterward,” Iverson said.

Here’s the police footage of the robbery:

Source: MLive


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