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Video: Two Wedding Receptions Get in Fight, One Man Dies, Three Arrested

The Sheraton Mission Hill hotel in Philadelphia was the site of a fight between two wedding receptions that left one man dead.

Police say that two wedding receptions were taking place at the hotel and a fight broke out near the hotel bar, reports the Daily Mail.

The fight was recorded on video (below) by a hotel guest, who was woken up by the melee at 2am on Sunday.  While the men fought, the women screamed, but why has not been determined.

Police Lt. Ray Evers told the Philadephia Daily News: "There was an issue with a lot of alcohol fueling the fight."

On the video, police charge into the reception and try to pull fighting wedding guests off each other. Three people were arrested, one for assaulting an officer.

One 57-year-old man was found unconscious, taken to a hospital and pronounced dead from a heart attack less than an hour later. He was reportedly an uncle of one of the brides.


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