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Video: Two Men Beat Ernestine Parker on Public Bus for Eight Blocks

Two men beat up 19-year-old Ernestine Parker on a public bus for eight blocks and no one tried to stop the attack in Baltimore, Maryland, last month (video below).

Parker told CBS Baltimore: “The bus was real packed and the men just started jumping on me, just fighting me. And I couldn’t really defend myself."

Parker says the driver never stopped and none of the passengers tried to help, reports CBS Baltimore.

MTA spokesman Terry Owens said: “The operator, according to MTA police, was not aware of the incident. The victim in this case did not report the incident to the operator but afterwards got off the bus."

Ernestine Parker’s mother, Yvette Parker, told CBS Baltimore: "She was scared to come to school. I forced her to come to school, because guess what? She’s not going to be defeated."

Parker added: “They thought I was a gay man on the bus. That’s exactly what it was. I tell people I’m not going to change myself. I’m not going to change how I dress or anything. Because see, I know that I’m still a female. And I still carry myself like a female.”

Yvette Parker said she is working two jobs to buy a car so that her daughter does not have to ride the bus. Police are searching for the two men, who were recorded by a bus surveillance video.


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