Video: TV Station Tests Influence of Marijuana on Driving Ability

As Washington residents enjoy the recent legalization of recreational marijuana use, authorities are attempting to determine what amount of marijuana usage is considered “driving under the influence.”

Though local government officials in Seattle are determining that level, one news station couldn’t wait and conducted their own experiment with the help of a Sheriff’s department.

CBS affiliate KIRO-TV picked a group of viewers to get high off marijuana and drive a car.

All of the group members were over the legal limit before testing began, but some were more intoxicated than others. One was three times over the legal limit, while the others were about four times over the limit.

While they were all high, they did surprisingly well on the test. It took a full gram of marijuana to make the drivers feel “too stoned” to drive.

One participant, Addy Norton, was already high before the experiment began, and had a score of “borderline” on the obstacle course.

Norton was a medical marijuana patient and had inhaled an additional half gram of pot before she said she didn’t feel safe driving.

“I’m way more stoned. Way more stoned. Definitely shouldn’t be driving,” she said.

Participants drove the car with an instructor who had a brake on his side.

Some drivers drove slower than usual, attempting to be more careful. But as they smoked more marijuana, their driving got progressively more dangerous.

When the experiment was over and tests were concluded, an officer said, “I would say all three would be arrested for driving under the influence.”

State laws indicate that driving under the influence of marijuana brings charges of DUI or DWI, but now that the substance is legal, authorities are still determining when it should be illegal for marijuana smokers to take a seat behind the wheel.



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