Video: Truck Explodes in McDonald's Drivethru

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A pickup truck sitting in the drivethru lane of McDonalds in Coachella, California, burst into flames this week when a leaking propane tank spontaneously exploded. The truck's owner admitted to keeping unsecured propane containers in the back of his pickup. (Good time to stop and make a point: Not a good idea to let propane tanks roll around in your truck.)

According to reports from the scene, one of the tanks started hissing when the driver pulled into Mickey Dees. He got out of the car to investigate, and static electricity ignited the leaking tank causing the entire truck to erupt in flames.

The driver suffered second-degree burns but is expected to make a full recovery. He and his family were taken to the hospital after the explosion for treatment. Fortunately, no one else was injured.

The video is pretty harrowing. Watch the car burn up until about 1:55 when a massive explosion rocks the parking lot, eliciting screams from bystanders.


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